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Limitations and shortcomings of classroom sessions
Present Problems
Often employers are faced with the following issues with their driver's
  • Uniform / Clothes are not fresh and clean
  • Has bad body odour
  • He comes late sometimes
  • Takes holidays without informing
  • Goes on leave and does not return on time
  • Don't know if he will come the next day - may just not come and say he was unwell.
  • Doesn't keep the car clean always - have to be after him
  • He is tolerated him because of non availability of another good driver
  • Often requests for a raise and loan
  • Drives very rash
  • Cuts lanes and jumps signals
  • Passenger is not comfortable in the car
  • Has a bad temper and temperament
  • Doesn't know how to talk well
  • Embarrassed before my guests
  • Sleeps in the car and the car smells with his bad odor
  • He leaves the present job without proper notice

The 22 segments of our Chauffeur Training and Grooming Programme will train and groom drivers addressing all the above issues.

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