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'Institute of Chauffeur Services' (I.O.C.S.) is India's first Premier Institute where we train and groom your existing drivers to be your CHAUFFEUR in the most efficient and professional manner.'

Institute of Chauffeur Services, (I.O.C.S.), India's first Premier Institute where we train and groom your existing drivers to be your CHAUFFEUR, has added on a revolutionary new service. We have now shifted gears using cutting edge technology - from classroom sessions to Training and Grooming your driver anywhere in India.

For the first time in India, we now bring the I.O.C.S. 'Chauffeur Training and Grooming Programme', in the hands of your driver on a CD to be heard at any time and any place convenient to him.

This new technology makes any time, any place learning a reality, ensuring that the all-important Training and Grooming sessions take place without interfering with the normal work day routine.

The I.O.C.S. 'Chauffeur Training and Grooming Programme' is now easily accessible and offers 'any time, any place' learning to make your driver a well trained and groomed Chauffeur.

Our Programme is for individuals, fleet owners like hotels, car rental companies, tourist taxis, corporate companies, BPOs', radio taxi companies, airlines etc

Our professional content team has created 21 segments of Training and Grooming modules perfectly needed to cater to the existing Indian drivers to yield maximum results.

'Institute of Chauffeur Services' (I.O.C.S.) is promoted by Amin Merchant.

Having experienced the benefits of having a well-trained chauffeur during travelling overseas he set about this enterprise with a conviction that people in India, who can now afford high-end luxury cars, would love to be driven by Chauffeurs and see their existing drivers add a number of soft skills, and hence he founded and started the Institute of Chauffeur Services (I.O.C.S.) in 2011.

  • Formed in 2011.
  • Trained and Groomed over 1000 Chauffeurs.
  • Over 100+ Clients.
  • Successful Tie-ups with Audi, Mercedes Benz, Honda etc...
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