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Limitations and shortcomings of classroom sessions
Limitations and shortcomings of classroom sessions

Having held classroom sessions for over two years the team realized the following constraints, limitations and shortcomings of classroom sessions:

  1. Classroom sessions involve a human interface; too many variations by different trainers; no consistency of Training and Grooming
  2. Logistics a major issue; classes cannot be opened everywhere; drivers have to travel long distances to reach classroom sessions; aggregating drivers is a challenge because they are on different duties at different times
  3. Drivers cannot leave their work; sacrifice their daily earning / holiday to attend classroom sessions
  4. Drivers cannot sit for long hours in classroom sessions; after one or two hours drivers attention span and hearing senses get tired; nothing is retained; driver does not benefit
  5. Drivers cannot revise what he has learnt / been taught in classroom sessions once he has left the class
  6. Drivers have no recourse to the classroom session without payment / attending another day of classroom sessions
  7. Classroom sessions are expensive and cannot be afforded by Tourist Taxi Drivers; a one day classroom session costs Rs. 1500/-

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