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Limitations and shortcomings of classroom sessions
Welcome to I.O.C.S.
'Institute of Chauffeur Services' is India's first Premier Institute where we train and groom your existing driver to be your CHAUFFEUR in the most efficient and professional manner.

Institute of Chauffeur Services started with classroom room sessions in the year 2010. 

As the Institute gained traction, an innovative method of Training and Grooming drivers to become Chauffeurs was created so that Training and Grooming can be scaled up and accessed by any driver across any place in India.

The I.O.C.S. Chauffeur Training and Grooming Programme was launched by Shri V. N. More Hon'ble Transport Commissioner of Maharashtra on 14th August 2013 (Click here for more pictures)
Institute of Chauffeur Services goes pan India !
I.O.C.S. 'Chauffeur Training and Grooming Programme' comes with a V.I.B. - Visual Illustration Book having 108 pages and a CD making it easily available across any place in India providing 'any time, any place' learning to make your driver a well trained and groomed Chauffeur.
Your CHAUFFEUR is your 'Pride' amongst your 'Peers'
We have now shifted gears using cutting edge technology to bring this program in the hands of the driver anywhere in India.

For the first time in India, this new technology makes any time, any place learning a reality, ensuring that the all-important Training and Grooming sessions take place without interfering with the normal work day routine of your driver

Now your driver does not have to attend any classroom sessions.

For the first time in India, we now bring the I.O.C.S. 'Chauffeur Training and Grooming Programme', in the hands of your driver to be heard at any time and any place convenient to him.

The 6 hours I.O.C.S. 'Chauffeur Training and Grooming Programme' comes with a V.I.B. - Visual Illustration Book and a CD making it easily accessible and providing 'any time, any place' learning to make your driver a well trained and groomed Chauffeur.

The V.I.B. - Visual Illustration Book contains 108 pages of visuals which relate to the various modules in the audio programme on the CD.

The V.I.B. and the audio programme are both linked. The driver has to refer to the relevant content on the relevant page in the V.I.B. while following the audio programme.

Click here to view V.I.B. - Visual Illustration Book

INR 850* per programme inclusive of all taxes. .

Our Programme is for individuals, fleet owners like hotels, car rental companies, tourist taxis, corporate companies like BPOs, Airlines, Banks, Business Houses, Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, Industry, Tourist Taxi Companies, Radio Taxi Companies, Car Rental Companies etc.

For Corporate Companies - CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility  Read More for details.
Present Problems
Fleet owners and individuals have to send their drivers for physical classroom sessions.

Issues like bad body odor; shabby dressing; oily hair; sitting in the car while waiting for owners; frequently proceeding on leave; bad driving etiquettes; bad car hygiene; punctuality; etc have been constant nagging problems for Fleet Owners and Luxury Car Owners who are tired of addressing these issues with their drivers. Read More >>

Who is a good 'Chauffeur'
A good 'Chauffeur' is confident; has a pleasant appearance and good manners; excellent driving skills and driving etiquette; punctual; dependable approach for confidentiality and safety of customers; capability to work flexibly; vital knowledge of car care and car hygiene; passenger and customer care skills; route and geographical knowledge; ability to cope peacefully with unpredicted situations or delays; good anticipatory skills - all of these go to make a 'Good Chauffeur'.

Like the need of a good secretary in the office, you need a good Chauffeur in your car.

A good chauffeur does not necessarily mean that he should only know and speak English.

He could very well speak the local regional language with fluency and ease.

He doesn't have to greet with a 'Good Morning' or 'Good Evening' if he is uncomfortable. He can always greet with a 'Namaste'.

A good 'Chauffeur' is the last mile connectivity between the employer and their clients / passengers.

At Institute of Chauffeur Services we understand the need for a good Chauffeur from the employer's point of view and the various areas of concerns one would have with the existing driver.

We are creating the category - CHAUFFEURS - just for you.